April’s Double Domination & OTKs

Naomi Fatale16I’ve had such a fun month, filled with naughty boys and girls 🙂 The highlight of April was when I was invited to play with Mistress Betty Kasoura and her sensually masochistic couple. What followed was an evening of passion, torment, and strict discipline. After binding the lovers together, Miss Betty and I sipped wine as we orchestrated our very own live sex show. Can’t wait to play with them again soon!

So many OTKs this month – my FAVORITE!!! As a result, I can administer a harsh, barehanded spanking that lasts for a full hour. I love the rush I get; my little hands get warm with tingles as all the blood rushes to my pink palms. I welcome anyone who wants to challenge my firm hand.

Hopefully May will be just as rewarding.